A. O. Smith Z8 vs Z9 Water Purifier

Are you going to buy an A. O. Smith and is confused about which model should you buy: Z8 or Z9? Then do not worry. In this article, we will compare two models of AO Smith and help you find the best one for you.

AO Smith is a popular name when it comes it water purifiers because of the features and design it has. Z8 and Z9 models are similar, and it is obvious to get confused if you are new.

I want to tell you all more specifications and make you more informed about the AO Smith Z8 VS AO Smith Z9. Given below is a tabular form we gave which makes it understanding so clear that it will remove all your confusion about the fabulous AO Smith Z8 VS AO Smith Z9.

A O Smith Z8 vs Z9 Summary Table

SpecificationsAO Smith Z8AO Smith Z9
Capacity10 liters (9 liters cold and 1 liter hot)10 litres (9 litres cold and 1 litre hot)
Product Weight15.2 kg15.2 kg
Product Dimensions482 mm x 369 mm x 326 mm482 mm x 369 mm x 326 mm
Purification Stages8 Stage purification8 Stage purification
MaterialFood grade and non-toxic plasticFood grade and non-toxic plastic
Power Rating60 Watts60 Watts
Technology UsedReverse Osmosis (RO) + SCMTReverse Osmosis (RO) + SCMT
Night AssistYesYes
Hot WaterYesYes
Water OutletTapAutomatic Sensor
TDS Level2000 ppm2000 ppm
PriceRs 21,999Rs 23,990
Check Discount Check PriceCheck Price

A O Smith Z8 vs Z9 Design and Build

If we talk about the design and build quality of both the AO Smith water purifiers, then both purifiers are made from the same non-toxic plastic material that is durable and long-lasting. The dimensions and weight of the purifiers are also the same 482 mm x 369 mm x 326 mm and 15.2 kg, respectively.

The design is also the same, and both the purifiers are sleek, compact, and have a wall-mount design so that you can easily fix it on your wall without the worry of space.

Talking about the top section of AO Smith Z8, it has a digital display with the logo of AO Smith. There are two separate dispensers for hot (red) and cold (blue) water. This purifier is a medium fit purifier that can be fit in any small kitchen and its dimensions are 36.9X32.6X48.2 centimeters.

The design of the AO Smith Z9 is also similar. The difference is Z9 has a linear-digital display, and there are no flaps in the dispenser. It has an automatic water dispenser. By doing this automation it makes so easy for our daily lifestyle. This is a fabulous feature that makes it way better than Z8 (I like this feature so much).

Z8 vs Z9 Water Purifier Purification

AO Smith Z8 and Z9 comes with 8 stage purification process: -

  1. Pre-filter
  2. Sediment filter
  3. Carbon Block
  4. ART™
  5. Side Stream RO membrane
  7. ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (Silver Activated Post Carbon block)
  8. SCMT

A O Smith Z8 vs Z9 - Working

Both AO Smith Z8 and Z9 models work on electricity. But the difference is you can get water from Z8 without electricity, but if there is no electricity in your home and you have the Z9 model, then you will not be able to get water. This is because the Z9 model uses an automatic sensor to give water, whereas the Z8 model has a tap.

Z8 vs Z9 Water Purifier - Pricing

You can get the AO Smith Z8 model at a reasonable price of about 21,999 during sales and the AO Smith Z9 at a fantastic price of 23,990. During Amazon and Flipkart and any other festive season sale, you will get it cheaper. This product is also available in your nearest electronics shop where the water comes from.

Difference Between AO smith Z8 vs Z9 & Similarities

  1.  They have ART technology that makes sure that it saves water during the purification process.
  2. Both the AO Smith have mineralizer technology that adds the essential minerals and ions in the water and maintaining the pH of the water.
  3. They have a night sleep feature that has a backlit LED screen making sure the screen is visible at night as well.
  4. They have an advanced alert system that you aware of any of the filters in your purifier need replacement.
  5. AO Smith has Silver Charged Membrane Technology that removes any kind of harmful chemicals and ions in the purifier.
  6. They provide instant hot water.
  7. They come with a warranty of one year so you can contact the company in case of any internal or external damage.

Drawbacks Difference Between AO Smith Z8 vs Z9

  1.  You will get hot water from the above water purifiers only if the purifier is filled. And if you want to refill the purifiers, you have to wait till the water level goes below 50%. So, if you have used about 10% of the water, then you have to wait for the water in the purifier to get the finish, then you have to refill it, and then you would be able to access hot water. 

Z9 vs Z8 Water Purifier - Final Verdict

So both the models of AO Smiths have similar properties. So, you can buy any of them as per your need. If you need a more modern one, you can get the AO Smith Z9 water purifier. This Z9 pro model is technologically advanced and saves your time by automation. If you don't want to spend more you can go for water purifier Z8.

But if you live in a place that has frequent electricity cutouts, then you should not buy AO Smith Z9 as you will be able to use it when there is electricity. If there is no electricity, then you will not get water from it. So, be careful while choosing the water purifier.

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