Bosch SMS66GI01I vs SMS66GW01I

In this post, I am going to compare Bosch SMS66GI01 vs SMS66GW01I dishwasher. Currently, these are the two topmost online selling dishwashers. We will cover all the differences between these dishwashers. So that you will choose the best dishwasher for you according to your need.

Summary -Bosch SMS66GI01I vs SMS66GW01I

In this section, I am going to tell you the exact features of SMS66GI01 and SMS66GW01I. So that you will get the proper idea about the features of these two dishwashers.

Product FeatureWAK24168INWAK24268IN
Capacity7 Kgs7 Kgs
Drier Speed1200 RPM1200 RPM
Wash ProgramsSimilarSimilar
Temperature ControlNot available as a separate functionA separate button to set temperature for every wash cycle
RPM ControlNASimilarly, a separate button to set RPM for any wash cycle
DisplaySmaller DisplayBigger display with extra controls
Warranty2 years comprehensive and 10 years on motor2 years comprehensive and 10 years on motor
User ReviewsCheck PriceCheck Price

SMS66GI01 has 12 place settings for storing. This dishwasher is specially designed and manufactured for Indian families. You will get a premium experience while using it. Bosch has pronounced this dishwasher as ” IndianKitchenKaDiashwasher “. That means it is very well manufactured to wash all the dishes of Indian families.

SMS66GW01I is a fully electronic dishwasher and has dimensions of 60 * 60 * 84.5 centimeters. The outer body of this dishwasher is made up of stainless steel. It prevents stains to accumulate on it. It has glass care technology which gently cleans the glass materials. It brings an outlet pipe so that excess dirty water will get out of it.

The brand has given a 2 years warranty. A user manual is also provided with this product to learn how to use it. It has a water storing capacity of 9 liters. From the ratings on Amazon, this product is worth buying. It cost around 40,999 Rs on Amazon in India.

SMS66GW01I is also a very good product from Bosch. It has a 12 place setting. It has good build quality. But does not offer stainless steel outer layer, which means stains may accumulate in the dishwasher. Most of the features are common between these two dishwashers.

SMS66GW01I washes the utensils in 59 minutes. You will not get any compromise in the cleanliness. It washes similar as that of the washes by man. The only color available for this variant is white. The warranty provided by the brand is about 2 years. It cost around on Amazon 38,799 Rs in India.

Both dishwashers are soundproof means you will not get the noise while washing. Also, both provide both place efficiency. You will not have to do any external efforts to dry. Once you put your utensils in you will get to see clean and dry utensils.

Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I vs SMS46KI03I Comparison

For most families, I will highly recommend these dishwashers from Bosch. According to my, there is no such major difference between these two models from Bosch. I will cover all the details about these dishwashers following post.

SMS66GI01 has the capacity of 12 place settings and whereas SMS66GW01I also has a place setting capacity of 12. SMS66GI01 has a wash program of 6 and also SMS66GW01I has a wash program of 6. SMS66GI01 and SMS66GW01I both consume 9 liters of water for washing which is quite efficient. Till this, all the specifications are the same.

The power consumption of this dishwasher is also quite the same which is 1.45 kilowatt-hours. It means it consumes less power so it is environmentally friendly than other dishwashers. The exciting feature about both the dishwasher is that they have an express wash and adjustable racks.

SMS66GI01 is available in Metallic finish also known as silver color. This color looks very good on this dishwasher. SMS66GW01I also comes in white color. One advantage you will get with SMS66GI01 is that it comes with stainless coating this same is absent in SMS66GW01I. SMS66GI01 will resist any stains on its outer covering.

Both models will provide a great experience for you. They are easier to handle. Newbies can also handle these machines. You will be provided with the user manual and will easily deal with the dishwashers. If you purchase this product in festive seasons then you will get to see a massive discount. So try to buy these products in festive seasons.

How to Choose Dishwasher Buying Guide

A dishwasher is a very useful and time-saving device. If you are working women or men then own a dishwasher because it helps you to complete your daily homework fast. Washing dishes is very time-consuming for that a dishwasher is important.

There are certain things that are necessary to select the proper and best dishwasher. I will tell you the exact things that will help you to choose the best dishwasher at the best affordable price.

Before buying a dishwasher you need to find the dish washer’s cleaning performance. For that, you can search the cleaning performance on Youtube because it is not possible to show the video on a website. You can visit the offline market to see the cleaning performance of the dishwasher.

Drying performance is also a very important part of the dishwasher. You have to properly check that if the dishes are properly drying at a specific time period. Some dishwashers take much time to dry the dishes. Check that the dishwasher is not much noisy. Some dishwashers are very noisy and loud. You will get irritated when you put some work on it.

Make sure to check the cycles and the options available in the dishwasher. The dishwasher you decide should contain at least noise-reducing, fast-drying, and power efficiency technology.


Summary of all this is that if you have to choose the best dishwasher among SMS66GI01 and SMS66GW01I, you have to select SMS66GI01. Because I think SMS66GI01 has the best output. I offer cleaning experience and drying experience also. The outer layer is stain proof which helps it to remains new-looking for a very long time.

It doesn’t mean that SMS66GW01I is bad performing. This is also a very good option. If you have a strict budget then definitely go with SMS66GW01I. According to my opinion, if you are investing this much large amount in the dishwasher then add some more and get the best quality of dishwasher. So this was the  Bosch SMS66GI01 vs SMS66GW01I dishwasher review and comparison.

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