Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN Washing Machines – Review

In this post, I am going to compare WAK24168IN and WAK24268IN washing machines. These are the best washing machines available at this price tag. There is no compromise in any of the components used in these washing machines.

Washing machines are very important parts of Indian families. Any family invests in a long-lasting thing. They need a good and perfect product. But most of the products available in the market are faulty and broke after the use of some years. But the washing machines that are going to review and compare one of the best in the market.

Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN Summary Table

Product FeatureWAK24168INWAK24268IN
Capacity7 Kgs7 Kgs
Drier Speed1200 RPM1200 RPM
Wash ProgramsSimilarSimilar
Temperature ControlNot available as a separate functionA separate button to set temperature for every wash cycle
RPM ControlNASimilarly, a separate button to set RPM for any wash cycle
DisplaySmaller DisplayBigger display with extra controls
Warranty2 years comprehensive and 10 years on motor2 years comprehensive and 10 years on motor
User ReviewsCheck PriceCheck Price

Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN Summary

WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN is the main battle started in the washing machine market since the launch of these products. But there is not any major difference in the specifications and price of these washing machines.

First, let’s review Bosch WAK24168IN. Bosch WAK24168IN 7 KG 5-star inverter touch fully automatic front loading washing machine. Bosch WAK24168IN has a built-in heater to dry the cloth fast. This washing is suitable for small to medium families.

Bosch WAK24168IN has 1200 Spin RPM which helps to dry the wet cloths more fastly. It consists of 15 wash programs which are next level. An attractive thing about this washing machine is that you have to load the cloth from the front. This is a premium feature.

30,999 Rs is the price tag at which it is launching. No other washing machine can beat this washing machine at this price tag. It offers many more interesting features. It minimizes the triangles up to 50% which you will get to see while washing.

Also, it minimizes the chances of damaging clothes. It has a special ability to reduce noise while washing clothes. The side silicon panels help to wear out the excess heat produced while operating.

The washing quality is excellent at a faster rate. It analyses the use of water according to a load of clothes. Which helps to save water. Extremely delicate fabrics are also protected due to VarioDrum. It comes with 2 years warranty and 12 years warranty on the motor.

It weighs around 71450 Grams and has dimensions 59 * 59.8 * 84.8. It has a cycle option of Allergy care.

Now let’s come towards the review of the Bosch WAK24268IN washing machine. Bosch WAK24268IN washing machine is a 5-star 7 KG invertor touch fully automatic front-loading also with inbuilt heater.

There are the same specifications as that of the Bosch WAK24168IN. The only difference is that the color and the price tag. Bosch WAK24168IN has 1200 spin RPM helping the cloths to dry easily.

It also consists of 15 wash programs for washing clothes more efficiently. The cloths will be loaded from the front side and you can add or remove the cloth while washing.

It cost around 31,999 Rs in India on Amazon. It is quite expensive than Bosch WAK2416WIN by 2,000 Rs. You are paying this extra 2,000 Rs for the silver color only. We will discuss all the differences in the following section. Which will let you decide to choose the best washing machine among these.

You are getting the same 2 years warranty on the entire washing machine and 12 years warranty on the motor. It produces less noise than the one told above. It weighs around 71450 Grams and has dimensions 59 * 59.8 * 84.8. It has a cycle option of Allergy care.

Bosch WAK24168IN and WAK24268IN Comparison

Now I am going to tell you the difference between Bosch WAK24168IN and the WAK24268IN washing machine. You will notice that there is not much major difference. The only difference you will notice is that the price tag and the color difference.

Bosch WAK24168IN and WAK24268IN washing machines have 1200 RPM rotating speeds which are best for cleaning small to medium family cloths. Another plus point about these two washing machines is that you will get the best drying experience.

You are going to invest a big amount in a washing machine, so you will ask which washing machine will be the best for you. According to my, Bosch WAK24168IN will be the best washing machine for you.

You will ask why? So listen. Bosch WAK24168IN and WAK24268IN both the washing machine have nearly the same specification and features. But you are getting an outer layer of silver that will protect your washing machine from stains and corrosion.

But if you are a budget-friendly buyer, then no doubt go toward bosch WAK24268IN. Because not only do you get the best performance also you save the money. And all other specifications are the same and there is no major difference as said in the review section.

How To Choose Washing Machine Buying guide

If you are not aware of which washing machine will you need to buy. Don’t get panic I am here to guide you that how can you buy a perfect washing machine at the best price.

Firstly, you need to select the size and structure you want the washing machine to have. For example, if you want a front loading washing machine or sideloading according to that you have to select the perfect washing machine.

The next thing you should consider is the spinning speed. You need to buy a washing machine which has a minimum spinning speed of 1000 RPM. The washing machine above discussed has 1200 RPM spinning speed which is best.

A perfect washing machine should at least have 15 programs for spinning. This will help to clean your clothes clean easily. Next and the most important thing is drying.

The washing machine should dry the clothes fastly and completely. Many washing machines are able to dry clothes properly, this will cause the loss of money. Don’t forget to read the reviews of the washing on different websites, that will give you a better idea. Make sure to buy a washing machine that has a 5-star rating.

Select price according to your budget and find the best washing at that price tag and you are ready to go.


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